19 December 2011

Yes thats right, it's back!

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Yes thats right, it's back!

After a seriously long period of downtime the site is finally back and functioning the way it should be. What was the reason behind this? Well some Allah loving terrorists thought the best way to spread the word of suicide bombing was to hack the Frozen Hole. Of course!

This all took place while I was over in Europe drinking copious amounts of cheap beer and just enjoying life. I did manage to remove the hacked content while in a seedy Spanish internet cafe' but this also resulted in access to the administration of the site virtually impossible. Not cool.

Anyway that is all in the past now and the site is back up and running for those remaining loyal visitors who still drop by.

Now that we're fully functional again you can expect to see further interviews, random reports from around the state, news, gossip and any other quality content we want to pump into you. As the content grows you will notice the look and feel of the site will change with it.

On a more serious note if any of the new generation of Tassie boogers would like to jump on-board and do a bit of writing or photography for the site please contact us and we can get you sorted!

Also massive props to local photog Matt Tildesley for supplying the quality images littered throughout the site. He's a great young man.



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