01 November 2008

North October '08

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Well this months has seen a fair few good swells with the west coast finally showing us what it dose best after not seeing waves there for a good 2 months or longer Aaron Lawson, Sean Hutchison and Joseph Poke all scoring thunder with some good 5 to 6 foot waves to be had. On the same weekend Shaun Lintner and Marcus Morel scored some good bluff and sarah-anne wedge.

Sean Hutchison, Aaron Lawson and Joseph Poke all headed to trial the next weekend to see what it was doing and scored some good trial wedge. But the trip end in a bad way when they decided to go 4 wheel driving and got a bit stuck and smashed the front cv in there car to bits and managed to rip a few guards off the car making it a long slow trip home.

For the long weekend a solid crew hit the west coast up making a tent city out of bluff and scored some good waves on the Saturday with bluff reef having some good fun waves to be had with Sean Hutchinson being the stand out for the day getting some good barrels and hitting any thing that popped out in front of him.

Well the north coast has been pretty flat seen a few small north east swell with bora having some fun small waves.

A few north coast guys headed south early in the month with some heading to wedge and getting some good barrels and fun bowls. Joseph Poke did a solo trip to the stern with it throwing out some solid 10 foot barrels.

Marcus Morel has packed his bags and moved to Ballina to do a photography course and a few other guys had packed up and moved to king island and have been scoring some good waves by the sounds of things.

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