03 March 2011

GP 3 Beneath

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I was on an Indo boat trip once. As I jumped into the water one afternoon I felt my watch slip from my wrist. It was a gift, so I was immediately gutted. Unable to find it I hopped straight back on the boat, grabbed a snorkel and dove back into the ocean franticly searching for my lost watch. Swimming around down there I eventually lost hope of finding my watch, however, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of my surroundings. The tropical fish and coral reef looked amazing and I began to feel relaxed and calm. As I surfaced I felt like it was a fair trade, as if the watch hadn't of come off I may not have taken the opportunity to snorkel the beautiful reef.

This clip was not filmed in Indo. It's actually a Tassie east coast spot. None the less, I still think it looks amazing from beneath.

Riders:Matt Tildesly and Harley Ward.

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