16 December 2011

21 Years of foam

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21 Years of foam

This is what 21 years of boards look like. It's a collection of mostly boards I have ridden and a few acquired from Cashies, my brothers and one belongs to John Bennett.

I'll take some better quality photos over the next few weeks. So if there is a board in the quiver that you'd like to see or know more about just let me know.

Whats in this stack? Glad you asked.

  • Turbo Mason Rose Ltd. Ed.
  • Morey Mach 8-TX (Never waxed)
  • Morey Mach 7-X (Original)
  • Science E1
  • Morey MDK
  • Mez Custom (Belongs to JayBee)
  • Nomad Chris James
  • Custom X Dubb
  • 4Play Mason Rose
  • Morey 7-X
  • Nomad Lackey
  • Morey Mach25
  • Science Buntos (Protoype)
  • Custom X Todd De Graaf
  • Toobs Ryan Hardy
  • Morey Ben Player
  • Hot Buttered Vee (My first board)
  • Morey Mike Stewart Pro Comp 42
  • Fangz Custom
  • Morey Mach25
  • Manta Wingnut
  • Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-43

There are also a couple of boards that are missing from this stack:

  • Fangz Polaris
  • Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-40
  • BZ Bullet
  • Turbo Mike Stewart Turbo III (Lost but never forgotten)

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