13 November 2009

The Jeremy Faulds Interview

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Jeremy Faulds loves to travel. Whether it be on missions to the West and East Coast's of Tassie, driving around Australia or flying all over the world he's done it all.

We managed to keep him in one spot for long enough to answer a couple of questions about where he's headed,the future of Tassie bodyboarding and life in general.

Good afternoon Jeremy, lets get right into it!

How has your year panned out for you so far in regards to riding waves?
Wow, 2008 will definitely go down as one of my most memorable years in Tasmanian surfing. I think I can count 4-5 sessions that I can put under my personal "best ever" heading. First there was the two wedge days in winter that saw 4-6ft peaks march all over the beach for two days straight with no one around. By far the best wedge and best beach break I have ever surfed in my life. There was also two days at Eagle Hawk Reef that were magical. Super high tides provided enough water for the reef to hold 6ft+ sets, it was crazy. Just two of us out both days. To top it off Stern was mind blowing countless times, I think everyone got a cracker at some point this year down there.

What are some of the highs and lows you've experienced this year?
Personally it's been a roller coaster of a year and from what I've heard I think a lot of people have had a tough one. Luckily the waves have been so good to keep our minds busy. I guess the highs where the amazing swells we seemed to get every week or so. The lows were probably that the Stern was more crowded than ever. Things are getting pretty out of hand down there.
Nick Terry buying a jet ski is probably one of the biggest highs this year, he is such a top bloke and has opened so many doors for the bodyboarding community. We've been doing tows every weekend and it's so much fun. Just makes the impossible possible.

Do you have any goals personally/surfing for the next 12 months? If so care to elaborate on these?
Personally the next 12 months are going to be the most hectic I've experienced for a long time. Deciding to knuckle down and do Uni, get a degree behind me, was a difficult choice after spending the last few years traveling and surfing. Traveling is very addictive and hard to give up haha. Surfing will probably have to take a back seat for a little while, having said that though if next year is anything like this year then I will not be complaining.

You've just done a road trip around Tassie for Riptide with a few mainlanders, how/where/who was it? When can we expect to see it?
Team Zion (wetsuits) have been bouncing around the state for the last week, their team consists of Joe Clarke, Jason Finlay, Sam Bennett, James Caytes and Ryan Mattick who is owner/manager. They also had with them Ian Osterloh, Riptide photographer. They were trying to capture a different side of Tassie, the majority of their riders are younger tech guys who were not interested in the Stern. With the exception of Jase Finlay who is a nut ball. So we tried to find some good beachies and reef setups that haven't really been published before in magazines. Unfortunately we didn't score many good days, heaps of fun days but nothing amazing. I think they plan to come back down when the charts are looking more promising. If all goes to plan magazine will be out round Feb/march.

We have already seen an increase in visitors to experience Shipstern Bluff over the last few years, do you think we are going to see an increase of interstate/international riders making their way to Tassie to search for new waves? And where do you think they will be headed?
To be honest I don't think we will, not searching for new waves anyway. A lot of professionals and young professional bodyboarders have a fixation for Shipsterns, for two reasons. One it's an amazing, one of a kind wave that most people want to experience. Secondly it's a gimmie for exposure. Basically if you get a bomb down at Shipstern you will get it published in a magazine. Sadly that's all a lot of pros and young up coming pros think about these days. Getting the shot, making the money.

On the topic of searching for new waves, what's your thought on the recently surfed wave near Pedra Branca?
I think it's great! Marty, Hollmer bros and a few others are so focused on finding new waves around our beautiful state. They've already found, or surfed for the first time a handful of new discoveries. I feel sorry for them about the 60 minute project, they got really skunked with the deal and I think they wish they had kept it a secret. I guess we learn from our mistakes. I bet they have a few others that they won't be letting anyone know about!!!

Do you think the Tassie crew is up to the challenge?
The Tassie bodyboarding crew??? I definitely think there is a few of the guys that would have a stab at a wave like that! Guys like Charles Ward, Thorpman Thorp and Sam Lennox aka THE OX, show no fear in heavy surf. There is also boys from up Nth and up West way that go hard and I'm sure would have a serious dig. It's all about being in the right place at the right time though. Our time will come and I'm sure when it comes someone will stand out above the rest.

What is your prediction for the future of Tasmanian Bodyboarding? Will we see an increase in interest in competing again or possibly small crews forming around the state dedicating their time to riding the biggest waves they can find and remaining underground and doing it for the love not the glory?
Let's face it, there is no way that any bodyboarder from Tassie will make it to a professional level by staying down here and only surfing Tasmanian waves and Shipsterns. Tasmanians have always had that "doing it for the love" feel, I mean how fucking cold is winter and we're still out there day in day out. Tasmania and underground comes hand in hand, recently locals have been getting more coverage than in past years. I guess more people seem to be surfing the waves that are being photographed. Right place right time I guess.
As for the competition scene, it doesn't look good. Competitions are hard to run, you always end up the bad guy no matter what decisions you make and it's getting harder to get companies to throw prizes our way. Basically no one can be bothered with the hassle.

What do we need to do down here to get the groms up to scratch in terms of the talent we see coming from interstate riders? Why do we always seem to be lagging in this area?
After spending a week surfing with guys like Joe and Sam I think the groms really need to focus on the technical side of riding. We seem to be blessed with the figs to charge hard and surf strongly but I think we're along way behind when it comes to style and technical ability. Having said that everyone is different and not everyone wants to cross their legs and reverse off the top. It's about finding a combination of a bit of everything, taking weaknesses and strengthening them, finding strong points and refining them!

Who is leading the next generation of riders coming out of the state? Who should we look out for?
I surfed wedge today with about a zillion young bodyboarders and I'm sorry guys but I have no idea of your names. The ones that I do know are Charles Ward, his brother Harley and young Cam Green. Charles is already turning heads with his performances down at Shipstern and he's traveled a lot for his age. He's looking good. Cam Green is a nut ball, he's only real young and already has a few serious bombs under his belt.

Are any companies looking after you these days?
At the moment VOID wetsuits are helping me out and Dragon sunglasses have always been good to me. Just like to say thanks to those two.

Do you miss the competitive scene that appears to be lacking down here?
Yes and no. I mean the competitions were always so fun. Catching up with everyone but to be honest I've lost interest in them. I remember one of the last comps we had was held in perfect pumping wedge. I couldn't help but laugh as I got shacked all day while most of the boys sat on the beach, judging or waiting for heats. Hahaha. Suckers.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the Tasmanian bodyboard community?
Try and support bodyboarding companies, as most of you know Billabong just dropped Ryan Hardy from their team after 14 years. After everything that man has done for the sport we all love so much, it's really disappointing that they'd cut such an Australian bodyboarding icon. Try and keep the money in the companies that will give money back.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/goals/plans with us and we'll catch up with you again in the near future to see where you're at.

Thanks Paul. Tata

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