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05 May 2011

Harley Ward

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11 October 2010

the mercury: surfer's shipstern rescue

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Local lad Simon Treweek was dealt a stock standard beat down at Stern yesterday and surfaced unscathed but the wave that followed sent him into the boulders and split him open.

The result? A flight home in the Westpac Rescue helicopter

Click Here to view the article in today's Mercury newspaper.

Click Here to view the article in today's Examiner newspaper.

We wish Simon a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the water soon.

07 October 2010

movement issue 34

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It doesn't get much better than this. Charles Ward scores both wave and cover of a lifetime on Issue 34 of Movement

It makes you feel proud to say you're a Tasmanian when you see shit like this.

Here's a sample of what the guys at Movement had to say

It's safe to say that the Tasmanian youngsters splayed over the pages of this very issue are onto something big. In the little triangle of space known as the target of over-used and largely unjustified inbred jokes and mainland blow-ins at a right-hander at the bottom of a cliff, four buddies are making the most, and then some, of the raw swells that hit their parts with magnificent force and then peter off as lumps travel up the coast and reach us at a quarter of the size if we're lucky.

Read the rest here... CLICK HERE

09 August 2010

South Coast - Mixed

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This is a pretty big gallery but I think it's worth scrolling through and enjoying some photo's of fairly good quality waves.

There is also the first known photo of Shipstern Bluff to be put on the internet. I scanned the photo back in 1996 after I borrowed it from South Arm Surf. Looks like a rather soid day!

Some of the breaks featured in this gallery are:

  • Blackmans Bay
  • Cliffy Reef
  • Seven Mile Point
  • Remarks
  • Clifton Beach

26 July 2010

fluidzone: tasman treats

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Matt Tildesley showing off a bunch of shots from Stern on Fluidzone.

Check it out here.

This is what they had to say

While the Eastern seaboard remains quite subdued from the usual winter storm tracks, Tasmania has had a cracking winter with clean swells backed with favourable winds.

Last week a bunch of die hards took to the ocean for some slab time. Local sharp shooter Matt Tildesley was on hand giving us a fresh view. Seems that Matt being the tricky lad he is has extended his camera on a rig on a pole to wave over the heaving lips from the safety of a shoulder.

Last time we checked the water temps were averaging 13 degrees, so our warmest hats go off to you also for your performance and dedication.

06 July 2010

le BOOGIE - Issue 4

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Shippies claims yet another cover.

Do your eyeballs a favour and grab a copy of leBoogie issue 4 available now.

Here we see Custom X rider Ewan Donnachie slotted waaaay back in the belly of the beast. The image was shot by Luke Shadbolt.

Order your copy of leBoogie issue 4 at Back issues are also available if you're lazy.

16 May 2010

fluidzone: tasmania super swell

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Some cracking images of Stern here shot by Matt Hipsley.

Scoot over to Fluidzone and reward your eyes.

22 April 2010

fluidzone: nigel eberhardt exposed

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Local photographer and North West Coast resident Nigel Eberhardt gets a great write-up on Fluidzone for the amazing images he is capturing.

Take a look at the article here.

You can also check out his website here.

13 November 2009

The Jeremy Faulds Interview

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Jeremy Faulds loves to travel. Whether it be on missions to the West and East Coast's of Tassie, driving around Australia or flying all over the world he's done it all.

We managed to keep him in one spot for long enough to answer a couple of questions about where he's headed,the future of Tassie bodyboarding and life in general.