06 January 2013

GoPro Hero3 Black first impressions.

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Finally there was some sun and just enough swell to get the GoPro Hero3 Black edition out in the water. It's proving to be pretty rad for downhill mountain biking but this is where I mostly want it to be.

The waves were an inconsistent 2 foot today so I didn't bother filming, instead I opted to play around with the various photo settings the black edition offers. Starting out with a photo every 0.5 of a second was good but I ended up with close to 600 photos in half an hour and 99% of them sucked. I ended up switching to burst mode where it shoots 30 photos over a 3 second period. This is pretty much bang on for up close photos in the surf. You can also set the camera to take wide angle or mid angle shots. These were shot on the mid setting which still seems to be fairly wide.

Looking forward to getting this out in some proper waves.

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