15 July 2011

East Coast Mash 2

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Second installment of East Coast images from the old site. Feast your eyes upon some average frame grabs of EHR from the water, Outside Fourmile, Lennies, Daves Place and a couple of others.

I'll start posting submitted galleries from here on in, there are some great shots to come!

15 July 2011

Pro Show: Remarkable Caves

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Way back when it was the biggest, most amazing life experience to have professional bodyboarders visit the State, a session was filmed at Remarks with Hardy, Rawlins and Toby. Crawley was on the rocks filming and only two locals (Joe Hutchins & Rob O'Brien) on site to capture it for the plebs.

Hardy scored a Riptide cover from this session. I'll see if I can find it.

We still have the footage on some minidv tapes. Now that the site is up and running I'll try and track down a minidv camera and try to put an edit together.

15 July 2011

South Coast - Mix Part Two

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The second installment of South Coast images from the old site.

Technology had made a few advancements here int he form of Video8, Mini DV and Sony Sports packs, which allowed for frame grabs to be used.

If you have any photo's that you'd like to share with others let me know and we can get them up on the site.

09 August 2010

South Coast - Mixed

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This is a pretty big gallery but I think it's worth scrolling through and enjoying some photo's of fairly good quality waves.

There is also the first known photo of Shipstern Bluff to be put on the internet. I scanned the photo back in 1996 after I borrowed it from South Arm Surf. Looks like a rather soid day!

Some of the breaks featured in this gallery are:

  • Blackmans Bay
  • Cliffy Reef
  • Seven Mile Point
  • Remarks
  • Clifton Beach

09 August 2010

South Coast - Wedge

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The perfect peaks that came to life when it was too big for Rebounds.

Another break that has changed a lot over the past two decades. The elbow used to go out a lot further and you would almost get a left hand point style wave peeling towards Sandpits. The stretch of beach before you got to the elbow was where you would find perfect a-frames to kick into.

09 August 2010

South Coast - Rebounds

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My favourite place in the whole world is Rebounds.It's the bodyboarding capital of Tassie and used to be the best wave in South Arm (according to me).

The wave has changed a lot over the 20 years that I have spent there hassling my way into ramps, tubes and a lot of closeouts. If you're one of the older crew then you will know what I mean.

Gone are the days where you would take off under the cliff to be faced with a giant wedging wall where you had to pull in and almost backdoor the peak or you would be taking a trip down the island. Today it resembles a giant foamball that destroys a peak while you try to find that elusive perfect ramp.

Back when I first started surfing at Rebounds it used to scare the shit out of me... Take off under the cliff, commit to almost backdooring first peak and get a really nice clean round pit and as you exited second peak would be breaking and the back of that peak was your ramp. So many big airs went down every session it wasn't funny. Today if someone boosts a big air everyone takes notice.

It's another break I could almost write a book on but will save a few stories for future updates.

09 August 2010

South Coast - Lumpies

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Holy shit this place used to be good.

The first photo I borrowed from South Arm Surf to scan so I could drool over it. Pretty much still do.How's that stick tomb stoning in front of it!

Lumpies used to hold some good size back in the day and provided some of the best ramps I have ever ridden. The deal was that you would wake up call the Coastal Weather Observations to find out roughly how big the swell was (There were no online surf reports or observations back then) and then decide where you would check first.

You would either drive to North Goats and head to Lumpies or straight to Rebounds because if it was too big for Lumpies it meant Rebounds would be on. You pretty much got to surf a wedge every surf.

Lumpies wasn't only home to one of the best left wedges out there it also has a fun little ledge. Bones, mad man's or just Lumpies Reef has claimed many victims. I've felt the wrath of it and have the scars on my legs to prove it, I did get off lightly though compared to some others. I witnessed, split heads on many occasions, deep gashes, broken bones and someone even got knocked out oneday. For a while there was a dedicated crew who knew the perfect tide height, swell size and direction who would be there whenever it was on.

I could write about this little cove for hours, but I think I'll save a few of the stories for a later date.

09 August 2010

North Coast - Mixed

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The North Coast, Poo Coast, Hoax Coast... Call it what you like I have never surfed it and can't really see myself ever making the effort to get there. Lazy? Yes very.

I can not remember who sent me these photo's but they were possibly the first images ever submitted to The Frozen Hole.

It's pretty obvious they were taken in the days where nobody had an SLR with a zoom.

If you submitted these let me know and I'll give you some cred for them.


09 August 2010

West Coast - Mixed

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Second installment of images from the original site.

I borrowed these from the now closed 'South Arm Surf' shop where everyone used to hang out at after a morning of waves at South Arm.

No boogers but a few sticks getting some tasty tubes at a couple of the Wests many quality breaks.

I only ventured West once and we ended up surfing 2foot Arthur River. The dream of hooking into chunk pits at bluff and Thunder never happened. Maybe I'll get there one day.

09 August 2010

East Coast - Mix Up

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Here is the first gallery of East Coast images dusted off from the original site. There are some good waves and some well to be honest you wouldn't even take a photo of them today

They were all taken with your stock standard 35mm camera and nothing more, no zoom, no ability to set your aperture or shutter speed. Pure 90's tourist photo's

This is the first of two East Coast archive galleries that will be going up on the site, so click away and have a laugh at some seriously poor photos.