09 August 2010

South Coast - Rebounds

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My favourite place in the whole world is Rebounds.It's the bodyboarding capital of Tassie and used to be the best wave in South Arm (according to me).

The wave has changed a lot over the 20 years that I have spent there hassling my way into ramps, tubes and a lot of closeouts. If you're one of the older crew then you will know what I mean.

Gone are the days where you would take off under the cliff to be faced with a giant wedging wall where you had to pull in and almost backdoor the peak or you would be taking a trip down the island. Today it resembles a giant foamball that destroys a peak while you try to find that elusive perfect ramp.

Back when I first started surfing at Rebounds it used to scare the shit out of me... Take off under the cliff, commit to almost backdooring first peak and get a really nice clean round pit and as you exited second peak would be breaking and the back of that peak was your ramp. So many big airs went down every session it wasn't funny. Today if someone boosts a big air everyone takes notice.

It's another break I could almost write a book on but will save a few stories for future updates.

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