09 August 2010

South Coast - Lumpies

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Holy shit this place used to be good.

The first photo I borrowed from South Arm Surf to scan so I could drool over it. Pretty much still do.How's that stick tomb stoning in front of it!

Lumpies used to hold some good size back in the day and provided some of the best ramps I have ever ridden. The deal was that you would wake up call the Coastal Weather Observations to find out roughly how big the swell was (There were no online surf reports or observations back then) and then decide where you would check first.

You would either drive to North Goats and head to Lumpies or straight to Rebounds because if it was too big for Lumpies it meant Rebounds would be on. You pretty much got to surf a wedge every surf.

Lumpies wasn't only home to one of the best left wedges out there it also has a fun little ledge. Bones, mad man's or just Lumpies Reef has claimed many victims. I've felt the wrath of it and have the scars on my legs to prove it, I did get off lightly though compared to some others. I witnessed, split heads on many occasions, deep gashes, broken bones and someone even got knocked out oneday. For a while there was a dedicated crew who knew the perfect tide height, swell size and direction who would be there whenever it was on.

I could write about this little cove for hours, but I think I'll save a few of the stories for a later date.

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