09 August 2010

West Coast - Mixed

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Second installment of images from the original site.

I borrowed these from the now closed 'South Arm Surf' shop where everyone used to hang out at after a morning of waves at South Arm.

No boogers but a few sticks getting some tasty tubes at a couple of the Wests many quality breaks.

I only ventured West once and we ended up surfing 2foot Arthur River. The dream of hooking into chunk pits at bluff and Thunder never happened. Maybe I'll get there one day.

09 August 2010

East Coast - Mix Up

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Here is the first gallery of East Coast images dusted off from the original site. There are some good waves and some well to be honest you wouldn't even take a photo of them today

They were all taken with your stock standard 35mm camera and nothing more, no zoom, no ability to set your aperture or shutter speed. Pure 90's tourist photo's

This is the first of two East Coast archive galleries that will be going up on the site, so click away and have a laugh at some seriously poor photos.